Strategic Content & Growth Marketing that's helped tech-enabled organisations doing innovative things in AI / FashionTech, EdTech and the Internet of Things.

Serco in London
  • Took a lead role at a FTSE250 company in London to launch a new, innovative Skills & Learning platform.

  • Developed the go-to-market plans, pricing strategy and business development for new B2B clients.

  • Contract extended 3 times and the partnership has deepened as results have been successfully delivered each time

Café du Cycliste in Nice

I've helped them with French translation and English copywriting, as well as writing articles for their La Gazette online magazine. I've also participated in various user-generated content campaigns.

stacuity in the UK

stacuity are an IoT core network telecoms technology business which builds platforms to control mobile connectivity. I am creating and executing a structured programme of inbound marketing, designed to increase brand & product awareness, establish thought leadership and create demand for their products.

Delvify in HK/SG

Appointed by Delvify as acting Chief Strategy Officer and was instrumental in translating the latest AI-powered computer vision technology into a coherent strategy. The technology and strategy are designed to revolutionise how fashion retailers design and manufacture clothing.

  • Worked with the Delvify Founder to develop the company's go-to-market plans, sales and marketing strategy and business planning.

  • Helped execute a 'Growth Accelerator Model' to engineer optimum sales, marketing and customer value management capabilities for their Visual Search eCommerce product. This delivered a content framework to engage with those people and build trust, thought leadership and authority.

  • Resulted in a product/market fit and enabled them to leverage the Affiliate Network channel to win 10 new clients.

  • Collaborated with Delvify to help raise funding on several pitches with Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors and developed a pitch book for Investors. Helped secure c. $300k in funding for product engineering to accelerate delivery of the product.

"Stephen is an experienced, world-class CEO and strategist. With a knowledge of international business, his actionable insights have been vital to the formulation of correct and achievable strategic goals. Don't waste time on flaky Youtube videos - hire a professional like Stephen and power your business with his unique abilities."

- Charles Allard Jr, Entrepreneur and investor