Go-to-market CRO

Results-driven Go-to-Market Chief Revenue Officer with a proven track record of driving revenue growth, optimizing sales and marketing strategies, and expanding market presence.

Go-to-market Chief Revenue Officer

Work with a revenue-focused CRO driving growth, optimizing strategies, and expanding markets. Expert in sales leadership, growth marketing, and strategic planning for sustainable revenue growth

I work closely with the executive team to develop a comprehensive revenue strategy aligned with the company's goals and market conditions. This involves analyzing market trends, competitive landscape, customer needs, and product offerings to identify revenue opportunities.

Sales Management

I oversee the sales function and collaborate with sales leaders to establish sales processes, and methodologies, implement sales automation systems, develop sales collateral and playbooks and performance metrics. I can also be involved in key sales negotiations and help close high-profile deals.

Revenue Strategy
Marketing Alignment

I collaborate with the marketing team to align marketing efforts with revenue objectives. This ensures that marketing initiatives effectively generate leads, support the sales process, and contribute to revenue growth. This involves optimizing marketing campaigns, demand generation, lead nurturing, and customer acquisition strategies.

Customer Acquisition & Retention

I focus on acquiring new customers and expanding the customer base. I develop customer acquisition strategies, build partnerships, and identify target segments and markets. Additionally, I work on customer retention initiatives, including customer success programs, upselling, and cross-selling efforts.

Business Development

I oversee business development activities, which involve identifying and pursuing strategic partnerships, alliances, and distribution channels. I explore opportunities for expanding the company's reach, entering new markets, and leveraging complementary products or services.

Revenue Analytics & Forecasting

I leverage data analytics and reporting to gain insights into revenue performance, pipeline management, and sales effectiveness. I use these insights to make data-driven decisions, refine strategies, and provide accurate revenue forecasts to the executive team.

Who I work with

I've supported several tech-enabled start-ups doing innovative things in AI, Fashion-Tech, Ed-Tech and the Internet of Things.