Turn Marketing into a Sales & Revenue Engine.

Fractional CMO & CRO Executive, with battle-tested Content Marketing, Growth Marketing and ABM Business Development expertise.

I'm the problem solver you need

I solve these problems:
By doing these things:
  • How to cost-effectively increase brand awareness and create demand for products or services, and enhance your ability to drive incremental sales and revenues.

  • How to drive business growth by attracting new customers, engaging existing ones, and maximizing customer lifetime value.

  • How to optimize your sales and marketing strategies, expand your market presence, and drive revenue growth without the burden of hiring a costly, full-time Chief Revenue Officer.

  • How to simplify marketing and deliver results-focused campaigns that drive business growth without the expense of a full-time Chief Marketing Officer.

  • How to achieve better results from your sales and marketing efforts, and how to confidently invest in marketing to ensure actual business growth.

  • Content Marketing to help you establish thought leadership, increase brand awareness, and create demand for your products by generating leads, sales, and revenues.

  • Growth Marketing with a holistic, strategic and commercial approach that focuses on the entire customer journey, attracting new customers, engaging existing customers, and upselling and cross-selling to existing customers.

  • Fractional Chief Marketing Officer with a proven track record in making marketing simple, and delivering results-focused, award-winning marketing campaigns.

  • Fractional Go-to-market Chief Revenue Officer with a proven track record of driving revenue growth, optimizing sales and marketing strategies, and expanding market presence.

Let's Turbocharge Your Business

Content Marketing

Get ready to make waves with your content marketing. I've got the secret sauce to establish you as a thought leader, boost brand awareness, and ignite demand for your awesome products.

Growth Marketing

Get ready to skyrocket your business with growth marketing. I've got the secret recipe that takes a holistic, strategic, and money-making approach. We'll focus on the entire customer journey, attracting new customers like magnets, keeping the existing ones hooked, and making them fall head over heels for your upsells and cross-sells.

Fractional GTM CRO

Introducing your revenue growth guru. I'm the fractional go-to-market Chief Revenue Officer you've been dreaming of. I've got a rock-solid track record of skyrocketing revenue, supercharging sales and marketing strategies, and expanding market presence. It's time to level up your business!

Fractional  CMO

Introducing your marketing maestro. I'm the fractional Chief Marketing Officer who knows how to make marketing a breeze. I've got a solid track record of simplifying the process and crafting result-driven, award-winning marketing campaigns. Get ready to see your business soar to new heights!

I offer consulting services that get results. I specialize in content marketing, growth marketing, and fractional executive roles. With my help, you'll see your revenue skyrocket, your sales and marketing strategies become top-notch, and your market presence expand like never before!

Who I work with

Delvify - an AI start-up in Hong Kong helping people in the Retail Industry do smart things.
stacuity - an IoT core network telecoms technology business which builds platforms to control mobile connectivity.
Serco - a FTSE250 company launching a new, innovative start-up in the adult education space.
TBC.bv - a Dutch start-up who are using AI to revolutionize retail media and empower advertisers.


"Hire Stephen, a world-class CEO and strategist, to help you achieve your business goals. Stephen has a wealth of experience in international business and has helped businesses of all sizes suceed. He is a strategic thinker with a proven track record of success. Don't waste time on flaky YouTube videos. Hire Stephen today and start seeing results."

Charles Allard, Delvify Founder, Entrepreneur & Investor

”As a new entrant, we needed to find cost-efficient ways to increase our brand awareness and establish ourselves as thought leaders in our industry. Stephen helped us design and execute an inbound marketing strategy that has enabled us to attract and engage our target audience with valuable and relevant content. Stephen took the time to understand our business and industry and has consistently delivered high-quality content that resonates with our audience. ”

Tim Dowling, stacuity Co-Founder & CCO

I worked with Stephen when I was in charge of marketing for Café du Cycliste. Our collaboration was perfect, Stephen translated and rewrote our texts to adapt them in English to an international audience. Stephen is proactive and meticulous. His marketing skills allowed him to truly understand our needs. great cooperation!

Christophe Rousseau, Head of Content Café du Cycliste