Don't Get Kodak'd! SMBs Need To Embrace AI Before It's Too Late

Remember the fax machine fumbles and photocopier purgatory? Don't become the next Kodak! SMBs, the future isn't just faster internet and fancier websites. It's about harnessing AI to rocket-boost your growth and customer love. This blog unveils how AI can transform your marketing, sales, operations, customer service, finance, and strategy, with real-life examples to ignite your success. Ditch the dust, embrace the revolution, and skyrocket your business before it's too late!

2/21/20242 min read

black camera on yellow surface
black camera on yellow surface

Remember the dial-up screech, fax machine fumble, and photocopier purgatory? Quaint relics compared to today's lightning-speed internet and digital landscapes. But the real future for your SMB isn't just fancier websites; it's harnessing the AI revolution to skyrocket growth and customer love!

Don't get left behind like that forgotten photocopier! This blog dives into how AI can transform your small and medium business across six key areas: marketing, sales, operations, customer service, finance, and strategy. We'll explore real-life examples and tools, empowering you to ditch the dust and embrace the future of AI-powered success.

Forget Hollywood robots taking over (yet). Think of AI as your supercharged assistant, amplifying your team's capabilities, not replacing them. Here's how AI can revolutionize each crucial area of your SMB, with real-life results to boot:


  • Hyper-Targeting, Not Guesswork: Bombas (sock company) used AI to personalise email campaigns, boosting click-through rates by 20% and conversions by 15%. Tools like HubSpot Marketing Hub and can do the same for you.


  • Close Deals, Not Calls:'s AI sales coaching helped close 20% more deals and reduce call time by 30%. Drift chatbots qualify leads 24/7, freeing up your reps for high-value conversations.


  • Streamline, Don't Suffocate: GE Aviation uses AI to predict engine failures, saving them millions in maintenance costs. Zapier automates tasks like sending invoices, saving Hipmunk a staggering 1000 hours per year.

Customer Service:

  • 24/7 Support Without the Overtime: Sephora's AI chatbots handle basic questions, reducing human agent workload by 30%. Amelia predicts customer churn for MetLife with 85% accuracy, allowing them to retain valuable customers.


  • Smart Insights, Not Spreadsheets: Xero's AI automates expense reports, saving customers 5 hours per month. FICO Falcon Fraud Manager helps Discover Card prevent $1 billion in annual losses by detecting fraudulent transactions in real-time.


  • Predict the Future, Not Just Analyze the Past: Starbucks uses AI to personalise offers and optimise store locations based on predicted customer trends. Tools like Salesforce Einstein Analytics can help you identify growth opportunities like they did for DoorDash, leading to a 70% revenue increase.

From Buzzwords to Business Boosters: AI Isn't Sci-Fi Fantasy

So, how does your SMB become an AI-powered success story? Here's your roadmap:

  1. Identify Priorities: Pinpoint specific challenges and opportunities where AI can bring the most value in each area.

  2. Start Small & Experiment: Don't jump into expensive solutions. Begin with affordable AI tools, test, analyse, and adapt. Embrace an iterative learning approach.

  3. Upskill Your Team: Empower your staff to collaborate with AI, interpret its insights, and utilise its capabilities to their full potential.

  4. Focus on the Human Touch: Don't let AI become a cold, robotic force. Use it to personalise interactions, anticipate needs, and offer exceptional service, building lasting customer loyalty.

The future isn't just about abandoning dusty photocopiers; it's about embracing AI as the key to unlocking new levels of growth, achieving commercial success, and standing out in the market. So, don't wait till the robots arrive. Start exploring, experimenting, and adapting your business today! Remember, the future is powered by AI, not photocopiers!

From Hype to Action: Chart Your AI-Powered Journey

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