Norwich AI Summit: AI & Marketing - The Force Awakens

My 5-minute disruption at the Norwich AI Summit (March 27th) ignited a conversation on how AI is transforming marketing and the future of work. We delved into how to become an "AI Marketing Jedi," equipping you with the skills to leverage AI for hyper-targeted campaigns, predict customer behaviour, and future-proof your career in this evolving landscape.

4/8/20243 min read

white yellow and red ceramic owl figurine
white yellow and red ceramic owl figurine

AI’s application in Marketing is extensive and it’s boosting ROI. Let’s delve into how AI is transforming Marketing:

  • AI Has Mastered Visual Content: AI can create high quality images & videos quickly and efficiently. Enhancing productivity and enabling cost savings. 

  • AI Targets Ads With Lightspeed Precision: AI can automate targeting, and optimise bids, placements & messaging. Creating more effective ads and higher ROAS. 

  • Death Star Busting Data Analysis: AI can predict customer churn, recommend products and boost upsell & retention. Keeping your customers coming back and spending more.

  • The Content Droids Are Here: AI can create high quality content, tailored to audiences and at scale. Democratising creativity whilst captivating customers.

  • May The Clicks Be With You: AI can identify keywords, content & optimise Search Engine rankings. Driving more website traffic and leads for less.

Episode I: How Marketing Is Using The Force of AI.

a black and white photo of a man in a robot suit
a black and white photo of a man in a robot suit

McKinsey warn 60% of marketing jobs will need new skills. Let’s delve into which Marketing roles may become extinct:

  • Will ChatGPT drive a Content Apocalypse? If AI owns the written word, copywriters & translators get replaced by AI "Content Droids" churning out content at lightspeed.

  • Will AI Challenge Human Creativity? If the Robots take over design, these AI "Droid Designers" will leave human graphic designers staring into space.

  • Are Data Droids The New Superpower? If AI “Data Droids” take over, human data analysts will be forced to upskill or face oblivion.

  • Are The Marketing Droids On The March? If AI automates Email Marketing & Social Media management, human marketers will be forced to learn new skills or be vaporised.

  • Are The Algorithms Unstoppable? If AI Algorithms master SEO & PPC, human digital advertising specialists will have no planet to call home.

Episode II: AI And The Future Of Work.

Darth Trooper statue
Darth Trooper statue

AI is your copilot, not your rival. The future belongs to Marketers who combine AI power with human expertise and genius.

  • Marketing Evolves. So Must Your Skills. Fuse AI with human expertise. AI boosts speed and intelligence, but experience sets the vision and judgement makes decisions.

  • The Art Of Storytelling Will Never DieMaster the art of storytelling. Humans are driven by emotions, not logic. Learn to connect on a deeper level and win hearts and minds.

  • Build A Foundation For Marketing Mastery. Hone strategy & soft skills. Perfect Marketing and Branding Strategy. And, hone soft skills - critical thinking, collaboration, & problem solving.

  • Graphic Design Is An Art Not A Science. Design for humans. Integrate AI into the creative process and design truly innovative, captivating and immersive experiences.

Episode III: How To Become An AI Marketing Jedi.

gray and black cat cartoon character
gray and black cat cartoon character

Upskill, Embrace AI, and Lead the Marketing Force.

Don’t be a droid. Be a Marketing Jedi!

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